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Terms of Use & Conditions:

Fortune8 provides a direct and easy solution for events and parties of all sizes to organize, reserve and accept payment without the burden of carrying large sums of cash into public event arenas/areas. Without the threat of carrying cash into Nightclubs, Parades or large event spaces; individuals can confirm entrance and verify membership or guest reservations into private/exclusive areas through online access to pay with Credit Card/Mobile Pay and eGift Cards offered by Fortune8. 1. Refunds: Fortune8 eGift Card Credits NEVER expire. Refunds are granted by way of credit to be used at a later date or different location. It is of the discretion of Event organizers or Restaurant/Bar locations to issue credit as a refund to address customer service satisfaction concerns. All locations reserve the right to choose what eGift Card Credits may be applied to and when events will allow the usage under their own promotional policies and advertisement criteria. Confirmation codes will be issued to guarantee payment at the time of any amount of eGift Card credit redemption. eGift Card recipients can only claim value of credit once service or event has occured. 2. Privacy: Fortune8 will not sell, share or disclose any personal or identifiable information that is provided as we protect the security and privacy of any financial/identity profile used in any transaction conducted through Fortune8 or its affiliates. 3. Food & Beverage Credit: Credit may be applied to all Non-Alcoholic Menu Items. Does not include Tax or Tip. Special Events and Private Parties may not be accepting credits. Please be sure to inform staff if intending to use eGift Cards. 4. Event & Entry Fees: Credits may be applied towards events prior to "Door Openings" to the public. Event may require full names of attendees to use group credit at discount. VIP Entrance- Event may require full names of attendees in advance to use group credit at discount. 5. Reserved Tables and or Champagne service: Private & VIP group purchase for parties of 8 or more. VIP Section- All persons in private section must have valid ID if eGift Card Credit is used with Bottle Service Package. Event may require full names of attendees to use group credit at discount.

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